Saturday June 16, 2012


The 71st Running:


Some hills are higher, some hills are longer, some are faster;
but we race on THE most powerful hill in the world, Capitol Hill!

And we do it by an act of the US Congress!

Click above image to see the Photos from the 2012 running of the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby!


2012 Stock Drivers


2012 Super Stock Drivers

2012 Masters Drivers


The 2012 Greater Washington Soap Box Derby CHAMPIONS are:

(l-r) Masters: Brittany Sorli, 13years, Waldorf, MD;
Super Stock: Brandon Sorli, 14 years, Waldorf, MD; Stock: Sara Pell, 8 years, Bristol, VA

Good Luck in Akron!


Virtual Ride

Hop in a Super Stock Car and ride down Constitution Avenue

Fasten your seat belt and Click on the image to the below, you are in for nearly a minute ride down Constitution Avenue in a Super Stock Soap Box derby car.


A SBD Puzzle for you


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 WANADA is our oldest and most faithful sponsor, please take a few minutes and browse their site.
They provide sponsorship of the Derby and provide the pictures on these pages and the website itself.

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GWSBD Board:

Derby Director - Steve Danahy
Assist Derby Director Ken Tomasello
Treasurer Eric Keitz
Membership Director Don Hoover
Event Manager/Secretary Tara Tomasello
Public Relations Director Lindy Tomasello

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The GWSBD Facebook page is  - Greater Washington Soap Box Derby Association


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