Claire Elizabeth
October 19, 2006
My life with Mommy & Papa, my sister Natalie and special friends...

Year 2

October 2007-October 2008

My Home Birthday Party


My Maryland Birthday Weekend!

Birthday party and sailing!

Click above picture to see video, made by Uncle Bryan!

My birthday party in Maryland was held at Black Hill regional Park in Germantown.  All my Maryland family came!

Sailing on Aeolus II with Granddad and Grandma was the best!  One day I will be sailing all by my self!

There is nothing like the beaters when Grandma makes a cake!

I am the BIG sister!


My NEW Home!

Today is a very special day, we are moving soon!  See my new home and a swing set!

Pupa's fishing trip and Claire's trip to the zoo.

Claire's first ride on a train and carousel

First brush my hair with my new hair brush and then breakfast and the world gets turned upside down

Presents for Claire and Mommy and then Uncle Chris reads some Skippy Jon Jones to her.

A bath, pigtails and then a haircut.

Happy Easter 2008!


VACATION on Marco Island, FL

So much sand and so little time. New friends to play with in the sand!


What is better than a dip in the pool with Papa and playing in the warm, soft sand. This is much better than snow and cold. I love the beach!

Monday, February 18th, was a special warm day in the park.

Momma & Papa are off for a date!

Grandma reads Good Night Gorilla

playing on the couch

A winter trip to the Children's Museum, February 16th 2008

My world seems upside-down sometimes

Such a fuss over this...

What is it?


Christmas Morning Santa Has Arrived in Maryland!

Claire appeared on Momma & Papa's 2007 Christmas Card and Grandma and Granddad's Card too~

And she appeared as a Christmas Stamp !

Year 1


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